Chimaira: Threatened Newts & Salamanders

Chimaira: Threatened Newts & Salamanders
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Mannheim 2013, hardcover, 178 pages, 251 colour photographs. Vol. 20E of Mertensiella. The book covers breeding advices for the following species Ambystoma mexicanum, Paradactylodon persicus, Paradactylodon gorganensis, Calotriton asper, Cynops ensicauda, Cynops orphicus, Euproctus montanus, Euproctus platycephalus, Laotriton laoensis, Liua shihi, Mertensiella caucasica, Neurergus crocatus, Neurergus derjugini, Neurergus kaiseri, Neurergus strauchii, Triturus dobrogicus, Triturus pygmaeus, Tylototriton asperrimus, Tylototriton hainanensis, Tylototriton kweichowensis, Tylototriton shanjing, Tylototriton taliangensis, Tylototriton wenxianensi. English edition.

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