GIANT Mealworms 500g

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GIANT Mealworms 500g

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Mealworms make an ideal livefood for reptiles birds and other animals for several good reasons. They’re high in fat and perfectly nutritious for a start, especially when gut-loaded and dusted. Secondly, they’re relatively cheap, as is witnessed by the fact that several large-scale lizard producers feed their livestock primarily with high qulaity fresh mealworms. And finally, they’re slow moving and won’t jump around out of reach like a cricket or locust will.

When mealworms are placed in a bowl with a good quality dusting powder, animals are more likely to get a good dose of vitamins and minerals – unlike crickets and locusts which can shake off much of the powder they are dusted with before they are eaten. Best of all, mealworms can be stored in the fridge which means they require virtually no maintenance until just prior to feeding.

Mealworms come in a few sizes, but there’s some interesting points to remember when choosing your livefood stocks. Mini mealworms are simply younger mealworms and are more or less the same with regard to nutrition. Bigger mealworms come in two different varieties.


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