Locust pre-pack, Large

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Locust pre-pack, Large

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SIZE : 20 - 35 mm

Approx QTY Tub : 10

Will stay fresh in the delivered tub for around 1 week if kept in a cool environment out of direct sunlight, however for best results we do recommend they are fed, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a gut loading formula. This will ensure the crickets take with them maximum nutrients to your choosen reptile, to enhance your reptiles captive life. It is also a good idea to dust livefoods with suppliements prior to feeding.

All Livefoods are fresh packed on the day of dispatch to ensure the best possible quality.



Live locusts are by far the most popular and bestselling livefood on the market today for the majority of reptiles

There are several reasons for this, most notably the benefit of convenience for the keeper. Crickets can easily escape and evade recapture, progressing to hide away somewhere in the home to chirp annoyingly for days or weeks on end. Add to that the fact that few normal people (as opposed to reptile enthusiasts like us) are happy with the idea of having free-range insects in their home, and you can see why locusts are the go-to livefood choice for many.

However, the real market driver for locust domination has been the popularity of the Bearded Dragon. Locusts are, of course, an ideal choice for these popular pets, and as Beardies became more popular, so did locust tubs. Leopard Geckos and Yemen Chameleons also favour locusts, thereby compounding their dominance at the top of the livefood sales league. Chameleon keepers particularly favour locusts as they will more likely climb up to be eaten, rather than hiding in the substrate like a cricket often does.

The vast majority of the locusts available in the trade are the Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria). These took over from the historically popular Migratory Locust (Locusta migratoria) sometime in the 1990s, but the differences between the two species are slight. The main difference is appearance. Desert Locusts are vastly more attractive, thereby making them more appealing to the eye than Locusta. Desert Locusts also grow to be slightly larger. 


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