PR Live plant. Rose of Jericho (S. lepidophylla)

PR Live plant. Rose of Jericho (S. lepidophylla)

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One of natures wonders, Rose of Jericho is a Selaginella species that is adapted to live in areas subject to extreme fluctuations in moisture. During dry periods the plant dries up and its leaves curl to form a round ball. It can remain like this for many years, seemingly dead. However, when the rains come the plant rapidly absorbs moisture and its brown leaves turn green and unfurl so it can resume active growth. It will remain like this until the dry season once again forces it into dormacy. In the terrarium it can be grown in damp (not wet) conditions with good light. It can also used in dry terrariums where it can tolerate drying out. Repeated rapid drying cycles will eventually kill the plant however.

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