Live Calci Worms for Reptiles

Live Calci Worms for Reptiles

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    Calci worms are a superb live food addition to any reptiles diet as they provide high levels of protein and also contain calcium. They also contain the wide variety of amino acids your reptile needs to stay in good health. Reptiles seem to enjoy calci worms as they are easy to digest and also have a texture that is both soft and chewy. 

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    Calci Worms as Live Food FAQs

    What are Calci Worms?

    Calci worms are the larvae of the black soldier fly and contain high levels of fat and protein as well as calcium which is great for supporting growth in lizards. They provide a fantastic nutritional boost.

    Are Calci worms as good as mealworms for bearded dragons and geckos?

    Calci worms can be as good as mealworms and are a perfect live food for reptiles for lizards of any age. They are softer than mealworms which makes them perfect for juvenile lizards and by gut loading Calci worms you can also enhance their nutritional value.

    Can bearded dragons eat Calci worms every day?

    Calci Worms tend to be used as a supplementary feed and 3-5 worms should be fed to your beardie 3 times a week.

    How long do Calci worms last?

    Calci Worms tend to last a few months before metamorphosing into black soldier flies. Even after this change you can still feed the flies to your pet.