Live Wax Worms for Reptiles

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    Wax worms are rgularly fed to reptiles as a live food. They make the ideal live food for reptiles as they are small but are packed full or protein and other essential nutrients. Wax worms are usually used as a supplemental feed to your reptiles meal plan and even make great treats or rewards if you are trying to train your pet. They are relatively inexpensive and can be kept alive in the fridge for a few months. When choosing which wax worm lavae to feed your reptile, avoid those that are yellow and squishy or shiveled up, as these are past their best. Healthy wax worms, that your reptile will love to eat, should be white and firm

    2 products
    Waxmoth Larvae (Waxworms), 15-20mm, 15g Pot
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    Waxmoth Larvae (Waxworms), 15-20mm, 40g Pot
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    Wax Worms as Live Food FAQs

    What are waxworms?

    Waxworms are the larvae of the wax moth and contain high amounts of protein and fat making them superb live foods for reptiles. They have soft skin but present very little in the way of a hunting challenge for your pet.

    How do you keep wax worms alive?

    Wax worms should be kept cool at temperature to inhibit the metamorphosis phase. Keeping them in a container in the fridge should ensure they stay fresh for several weeks.

    How many wax worms should I feed my lizard?

    Wax worms should be regarded as a supplement or treat and should only be fed a small number (3-5 worms) around 3 times a week.