Live Morio Worms for Reptiles

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    Morio worms are a great live food source for reptiles. They are high in protein and fat, and their wriggling motion is sure to entice even the most finicky eater. Morio worms can be purchased live and you can keep them refrigerated until ready to use, and offer them to your reptile as needed.

    2 products
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    Morio Worms Live Food FAQs

    Are Morio Worms the same as mealworms?

    Morio Worms are a different species from standard mealworms despite Morio Worms sometimes being called “Giant Mealworms”. Both mealworms and morio worms turn into different species of darkling beetle once metamorphosed.

    How long do morio worms last?

    A morio worm will metamorphose into a beetle in a few weeks, however, by keeping them at low temperatures (i.e. in the fridge) you can delay this process increasing the time to a few months.

    Should I feed Morio Worms?

    Just like mealworms you can pre feed your morio worms with vegetables, fruits, salad and porridge in a process known as gut loading.