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    Pachnoda Grub, 25-35mm, Tub, Approx 10
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    Pachnoda Grubs Live Food FAQs

    Are pachnoda grubs good for my reptile?

    Pachnoda grubs are a fantastic choice of live food for reptiles for owners of larger lizards such as bearded dragons. They are very easy to keep and most beardies will love eating them. However, they have a very high fat content so should only be used as an occasional treat with other low fat live foods such as locusts and crickets.

    Do pachnoda grubs bite?

    It is possible for pachnoda grubs to nip you’re your pet during a feed. However, the strength of the bite is minimal as the jaws of the pachnoda grub are designed for eating fruit. It is unlikely to cause your pet any harm.

    How long do pachnoda grubs last?

    As with most larvae live food, keeping your pachnoda grubs in cool environment will ensure they are kept alive and fresh for longer. Keeping them in a fridge should mean your grubs last between 3-5 months before turning into their adult counterparts.