Reptile Holiday Hotel & Boarding at Slitherin Reptiles Ltd.

Reptile boarding holiday hotel in Leicestershire. We have a range of Vivariums & Glass Enclosures suitable for various species including snakes, lizards, tortoises, Amphibians, and inverts to be cared for whilst you are away on holiday. Trust us at Slitherin Reptiles Ltd

We understand how much you love your reptiles & we take huge pride in looking after your beloved pets while your on holiday - We have been Awarded 5* for our Reptile Welfare Practice. Whether you're from Leicester, Derby, Nottingham or further afield we would love your pets to stay with us at our holiday boarding facility. 

We understand that every reptile is different. Tell us what you're reptile loves and how you feed, we will ensure your home environment is closely matched here at our reptile holiday boarding hotel. 

We go the extra mile. You're pet’s diet, vitamin supplements, and any special requirements such as medication can be administered and should be discussed fully at the time of booking.

Making your reptile feel at home. We love setting up new vivariums and enclosures for new hotel holiday boarding customers. You can choose the Substrate we keep your animal on. Bring you Reptiles favourite items such as Hides, Branches, Bowls & Supplements. We have all the decorations in store but sometimes the peace of mind knowing that your Bearded Dragon has his beloved Basking Platform will make them feel happy. 

Lighting the way in Reptile Holiday Boarding Care. We use Arcadia ProT5 Kits for All Holiday Boarding Customers Reptiles. Slitherin Reptiles will provide the best lighting in the market for your reptile to ensure they are getting the correct UVI / UVB. 

Let's get some Sun. We take reptile heating very seriously here at Slitherin Reptiles Holiday Boarding Facility. Trust us that we always provide Thermo-Controlled Vivariums using Habitat Thermostats. We check our reptile boarding vivariums twice daily with a Heat Gun to ensure the best environment for your pets stay is met. 

We are passionate Reptile Keepers. Trust us to make your pet reptiles holiday boarding experience truly personal. 

We look forward to welcoming your reptiles in to our Holiday Boarding & Reptile Hotel Services. 

Prices from: £7.50 Per Day - Please get in touch for an accurate quote on the exotic animal(s) holiday stay. 

Please Book via our Contact Form Below or Phone 01530 277834 to receive a quote for your reptiles holiday stay with us.