Springtails for Reptiles

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    Springtails (Collembola) are an important part of any reptile’s environment. They are tiny, wingless insects that measure less than 1mm in length and feed on bacteria, fungi and decaying organic matter. Springtails provide a vital source of nutrition for many reptiles, including lizards and snakes and so make a great <a href="/collections/live-food/">live food for reptiles</a>. They can also help keep your reptile’s environment clean by consuming fungi that can develop in moist, dark areas

    Springtails are often found living in the substrate of a reptile enclosure, such as coconut husk or bark chips. Springtails are easy to care for, requiring only small amounts of humidity and some form of shelter such as decaying wood or other organic material. They reproduce quickly and require little maintenance. Springtails can provide a valuable food source for your reptile, and will help keep their enclosure clean and healthy.

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    Springtails, 80g Tub
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