Health Checks & Services

At Slitherin Reptiles, we are often asked how to recognise the signs of illness in Reptiles and Exotics - This is not as easy as it seems. There is no straight forward answer to give, which is why our health checks are so important and crucial for your animals welfare. These animals have evolved over many years, with the ability to cover their illnesses in case of a predator, therefore, we recommend regular health check visits. This service can now be done with our trusted team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our own dedicated health check room. 

Reptile Health Checks £18.00-£25.00 
Our Reptile Health Check package includes an observation of your reptile to ensure that you have a happy, healthy and relaxed exotic pet.

Next, we will look at the physical condition of your reptile including their eyes, skin health, claws, tail, digits and any potential lumps and bumps. As you observe your animal regularly, certain aspects become familiar to you however, expert eyes will be able to notice unusual signs and behaviours. 

We shall discuss temperature and lighting checks - This is key to your reptiles overall health. Having the wrong temperatures can cause a range of health issues including, respiratory infections, breeding cycling, digestion and faecal excretion. It is key to regularly check your vivariums temperatures. Our team at Slitherin Reptiles can guide and answer any questions you may have.

Our team will speak with you about your reptiles physical environment. A lot of reptiles become territorial with their environment- it is essential that each species has a set up which is equipped and designed to mimic the animals naturalistic environment. Need more branches, logs and substrates to amplify this? Don't worry, Slitherin has your covered! 

Our team are very honest and you will be informed if we feel that your pet needs veterinary advice!  

Premium Health Checks £20.00-£25.00 
Book your health check with our senior team and you will gain further in-depth information regarding your reptile anatomy including,  organ functions, internal parasites, immune functions & respiratory infections. Our senior team will be able to guide you on high level reptile care and advise.  

Claw / Nail Clipping £12.00 
Tortoise Beak Trim £20.00 
Parasite Testing & Treatment Plans £75.00 
Eye Cap / Shed Removal £12.00 
Femoral Pores Extraction £15.00+ 
Reptile Sexing £5.00+

To book your reptiles health check with one of our experts please call the shop on 01530 277834 or contact us using the form below.