ThermalZooPro, Jungle Dawn

ThermalZooPro, Jungle Dawn

ThermalZooPro, Jungle Dawn

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- Perfect for larger enclosures
- Create a usable sunbathing area
- Rich in visible light, uv & terrestrial infra-red
- An ‘all in one’ light and heat option for large enclosures


The Arcadia ThermalZooPro is a brand new hybrid heating and lighting system suitable for larger at home and zoological enclosures. ThermalZooPro uses the very latest in Arcadia tech to project a usable and measurable basking zone beneath the fitting. It is sleek, stylish, adaptable, dependable, hand-made, linkable, affordable and future proof.

Reptiles are truly solar powered, using the power of the sun to supply the energy that they need to live, but to also maintain core biological cycles within the body, such the D3 cycle. The one thing that is abundantly clear is, that the sun is one source, with its energy pouring down upon us as terrestrial UV, visible light and terrestrial Infra-red. It is this blend of energy that reptiles (all life) have developed to use, therefore it is vital for us as effective keepers to provide our lighting in a similar way.  ThermalZooPro will help you to provide heat, UV and visible light in the correct quantities and over a wide usable area.

ThermalZooPro has been handmade from the finest materials and designed to create a usable flood of energy directly below the fitting. ThermalZooPro has 2 independently switched heat sources and your choice of either 2 ProT5 fittings or 1 ProT5 and 1 JungleDawn-LED Bar.  We have adapted our best selling ProT5 and JungleDawn LED Bar fixings to ensure that their projection of light cross with the heat sources below the fitting. This ensures a smooth flood of full-spectrum lighting over the whole terrestrial spectrum from UV to IR.

All enclosure types and styles require differing lamps to enable us as keepers to provide the correct quantity of heat and light to fulfil the needs of each species kept. Therefore, ThermalZooPro can be fitted with any lamp from our heating range and indeed 24w HO-T5 lamps to suit these needs. These include; SolarBaskingFloods, SolarBaskingSpots, Halogen Flood Lamps, Deep Heat Projectors, 80w D3 Basking Lamp and Ceramic Heaters. You can use D3 6%, D3+ 12% or DragonLamp 14% UV-B to provide correctly for your species. Please do use the projection charts on the box, in the owners booklet and on the Arcadia Reptile website in order to make the correct choices. Use the Arcadia free Lighting Guide to find out how much UV your species requires.

ThermalZooPro has been man-made and can be fitted with the mix of heat and UV lamps that you need for your own species, (do not worry, we provide a SolarBaskingFlood heat lamp, Genuine Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projector and 24w D3 6% UV-B lamp in every box to help get you going). In this way you can easily change heat lamp type or % of UV-B lamp as you have need. Please use the heat lamp and UVI charts to help you make the correct choice.

 What do we mean by ‘adaptable’ and ‘future proof’? We believe that ThermalZooPro is both adaptable and future proof. By this we mean, that you can easily change the % of UV-B lamp per ProT5 fitting and of course your type and wattage of heat lamp, but, you can also easily exchange ProT5 for JungleDawn-Led Bar as you have need. So, if you buy a twin ProT5 fitting and decide that you need some extra visible light, you can simply un-click one of the ProT5 fittings and replace it with a genuine JungleDawn-Led Bar.  What do we mean by ‘future proof’, we are always looking to update and improve our fittings and lamps, therefore ThermalZooPro has been designed in a way where it will allow future generations of product to be swapped in and out as we improve and update. ThermalZooPro also arrives with a 4 point hanging system included in the box.

Controlled heating, ThermalZooPro has 2 independently switched and plugged heat sources. This means that you can isolate each heat lamp fitting easily and of course run each one through dimming thermostatic control separately.

Linking, YES! You can Link ThermalZooPro. Simply add one of our linking cables to run the lighting for up to 3 ThermalZooPro fittings from just one power source.

ThermalZooPro has it all! Whether you have a larger screen top arboreal home, larger terrestrial vivarium or need to hang a fitting or fittings inside of a larger room or zoological enclosure ThermalZooPro can be adapted for use for you. The possibilities are endless as we have seen with our other zoological fittings SuperZoo and ZooBar, we have provided essential energy for everything from Elephant to butterflies and everything in-between with this tech. ThermalZooPro brings these advantages to the at home keeper as well as the zoological collection

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